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Our Project Management consulting services include both customer and contractor side project management. Our colleagues have considerable experience in this field proven by the successful implementation of many large projects.

During our project management activities we free our clients from all day-to-day management tasks in order to focus on their own specialization.

We are doing this in such a way that the top management responsible for the project is continuously informed on the progress but their inputs are only required when the situation needs decision making.

We use the PRINCE2 methodology which is widely applied in the EU.

The highlights of Kryonet's Project Management practice:

  • Clarifying the business force of the goal to be achieved.

We carefully assess the driving forces beyond the agreed project goal. In order to be able to make useful decision proposals for the top management the business advances of the project should be seen clearly (even if they are not purely financial), as well as the connection between the goal of the project and the strategy of the company. We should understand why the project is good for the organization. The failure of this step sets back the proactivity of project management and will likely to lead to slipping deadlines and a heavy increase of costs.

  • Designing the project organization and operational regulation considering the culture of the firm. The project team is set up in the interest of the execution of the tasks and for a predefined period of time. In order for the participants of the project to act like a real team during this period a transparent project organization should be defined with operative rules. Based on our experience so far we set up an organizational and relevant staff structure which leads to effective task execution in the given organization.
  • Planning, preparation

According our point of view it is practical to encounter the “devil” (which we all know to hide in the details) before starting the implementation. Our experience shows that a needlessly executed planning is much less loss than starting of a “half-baked” realization from where plenty of times the best exit is only forward with the increasing of the losses. If we really have understood the business driving forces beyond the project, we can be of help with the working-out of plan alternatives with larger returns.

  • Change control, managing risks during execution.

The execution of the project is based on the prepared plans which contain several assumptions and estimations. Therefore it can be declared that the outcome will differ from the plans and not necessarily due to negligent planning. Changes of circumstances will cause further discrepancy compared to the plans during the execution phase and in numerous cases it makes the attainment of the target to slow down. We are emphasizing handling all this and analyzing the influences of the changes. Our goal is make the decision makers to see right after the supervention of changes their influence to the project and to the achievement of the business object. We supply the management with such information and worked-out alternatives which help decisions making.