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We focus our consulting and software development efforts at maximizing our clients' production capabilities (while perhaps minimizing their effort) with the use of information technology.

Organizational Performance Measurement

One of our key services is the IT-supported organizational performance and operations measurement.

We have expertise in constructing indicator sets, that is in determining what are good performance measures in a given context. Sometimes the goal is to evaluate progress towards the organization’s strategy (Balanced Scorecard (BSC) systems). Other times one would like to see the efficiency of daily processes (Business Performance Measurement systems). In yet other cases the organization needs instant and/or aggregated feedback on the operation of key systems (such as system monitoring and alert tools).

We also have experience in planning and designing data collection schemes to source measurements. Many times the organization faces the fact that even indicator definitons are influenced by the available information. If the required data is not available from existing sources, we recommend what additional systems should be implemented to close the gap. (Often these are small and simple systems, such as a timesheet, etc.; in other cases they may be more complex ones, such as workflow systems.)

In addition to designing the data consolidation scheme we are happy to take part in the implementation of the data integration . These can range from simple processing to exhaustive ETL (extract-transform-and-load) structures.

As part of services we can design and implement data processing and presentation layers. Depending on use cases, amount of data and other factors we implement or propose different systems. We have a wide range of expertise from Microsoft Excel to data warehouses, from free, open source solutions to custom developments; our vendor-independence guarantees that we help you find the most appropriate solution.

The outcome? The organization can tell how it performs (either to the outside world, or to itself); and it is able to tell where it can improve its performance.

System Integration 

A second key service in our IT consuting portfolio is about connecting systems: how to construct effective solutions in multi-system environments. By hiring our experts you can exploit the potential of the sub-systems to the maximum. As a result of our consulting and implementation efforts you end up with solutions that do work; and last, but by far not the least, solutions that are easy to maintain and expand.

The outcome? The expectations will be more realistic (which is sometimes more, other times less than originally conceived), and that these expectations will be met.