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Kryonet solutions for electronic business document handling generate significant savings in Your Company’s operational costs. If you want to lower cost of handling business documents (such as invoices, orders, waybills etc), and looking for a group that understand booth the users and the IT transaction systems - then you are at the right place.

We have seen that the proper day-to-day maintenance of IT systems is a key towards user satisfaction and efficiency (which is closely related to the former).

Software Development 

Our specialities 

Our speciality is solutions that bridge systems (i.e. via which different systems interchange data). If the systems are in separate organizations these are called B2B (Business-to-Business), or B2A (Business-to-Administration) solutions. In most cases data travels in form of messages (often XML messages).

Many of our references involve heavy focus on transaction security: many involved transactions are “contractually binding” and thus to be treated accordingly. In Hungary it has been legally possible to use electronic signatures in these contexts for years, and more and more organizations come to realize its benefits.

Our expertise ranges from designing data exchange schemes through implementing the necessary elements to the on-going maintenance of the implemented solutions.



As we mostly develop integration-type solutions we meet many kinds of technologies on a daily basis.

Our strength lies in Microsoft-based technologies (such as .NET and MS SQL). We are unique in developing .NET solutions to Linux platforms (in "mono") — very few other comapnies can do it reliably.

Besides this our colleagues are knowledgeble in a wide range of tools and technologies: from MySQL through Java to even AS/400 programming.

System Maintenance 

It in and of itself increases performarnce when systems run (nearly) without interruptions. If — in addition to this — users get proper support to perform their jobs then they are more keen on using the system which, in turn, yet again increases productivity.

Therefor we pay close attention that our systems get in the best support hands possible — and tese are often our own hands :-): we run and support many of our developments to the content of their end users. We also participate in the maintenance and support of several large-scale third party systems.

Our major system support and maintenance references are:

  • Egységes Útvonal Engedély Kezelő Rendszer 
  • POS Center
  • Regional (i.e. it is running in several countries) retail system

In addtion we run, maintain and support system in Software-as-a-Service model.  Some of these are used by a large number of users, others have very focused uses.  As an example our Issue Management solution is worth noting.

If you  would like to see an increase in user satisfaction with regards to the systems in your vicinity, and fancy that it should take you and your colleauges even less effort than now, drop us a line.